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Apr 20, 2017 ยท Today I'll explain user vs guildmember, collections, and make working mute/unmute commands. My Server: https://discord.gg/Wp9A8QY Official Discord.js Support...

Rias is a multi purpose Discord Bot. She is cute, has a lot of commands easier to use: moderation, anime searching, entertainment and much more. She's running 24/7 on a hosting server. These servers are not cheap, Rias is growing everyday, joining more servers, and thus is using more resources.
A discord user who got blacklisted will not be able to send messages in any of the servers that contains Lox Security Bot. Besides, by using Security Bot, you can view or even make your own reviews about other users, the existing reviews can be accessed throughout all the servers that use Security Bot.

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Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist introduced in the season two premiere. Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until she and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone. However, after the sisters lost their connection to the Elements, the spell ...

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Discord age bot

A multipurpose bot with 60+ diverse commands. Makebot adds some fun qualities to your discord server with 60+ diverse commands, ranging from searching NSFW sites to moderating your server.

Make something unique. Your bot is 100% original and unique. Unique meaning, there is nothing out there like it or if there is, it is very rare to find one. It's alive! Your bot must have 24/7 uptime. It is permitted to go down for maintenance but please let us know.
You are definitely will be needing the RYTHM. RYTHM is the best free Discord music bot. Developers of the RYTHM made sure that the website is easy to use but still functional. The main purpose of the platform is to deliver to Discord users the best high-quality music from multiple sources.

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