Discovery 4 jacking points

Always take care when placing/removing axle stands, don’t make erratic movements near the trolley jack lifting the vehicle. Pre-lift Checks. Along with ensuring you have the right capacity for your vehicle, before you begin jacking there are some pre-lift checks to carry out, such as: Look for and locate the jacking points on your car.

3. Jacking Points and Axle Stands The standard jack that comes with the Discovery 3 or 4, is widely regarded as not very good. If you are going to do any work on your vehicle that requires raising the chassis, then we would recommend that you purchase or borrow a suitable trolley jack. Thanks guys, seen the manual, I was asking because my trolley Jack has a round concave dish rather than a U shaped slot like the standard jack and with the plastic sill surrounds it would be difficult to jack it from the slots that are designed to fit the standard jack and fit around the sill, So was wondering if there were any pointers to what could be used to jack the car using a trolley jack.
Discovery 3 / LR3 2005 LR3 SE 4.3 V8 - 163k miles - Interstate battery replaced 12 month ago. Went on vacation for 2 weeks - truck parked in Garage entire time.Upon return would not start - discovered that interior light had been left on. Common Problems and Fixes – Discovery 3 & 4 Discovery 3 or Discovery 4 common faults Along with costs to repair are described below, for further advice on the following issues phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email

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Jun 06, 2009 · Not true, there are no special requirements for lifting a Discovery with air suspension. The only thing you have to beware of when jacking a Disco is the the wheel diagonally opposite the wheel being jacked has to be chocked (they're provided in the tool kit), that's because the handbrake operates on the propshaft, not the rear wheels like any other car.

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Discovery 4 jacking points

This workshop trolley hack (part number 1153CXHV) is finished in high-visibility green to make it easier to spot on your workshop floor. The 625mm long chassis adds stability and the three-tonne capacity makes it suitable for all current Land Rovers. The minimum saddle height is 130mm and it raises

These points are rectangular holes in the frame with a slot at the bottom known as a T-slot. Place your Hi-Lift on its base to give it more stability, if dealing with soft or uneven terrain. The base is available separately from Hi-Lift, as are repair kits and accessories. Slide the jack into the T-slot closest to where you need to lift.
Aug 04, 2015 · range rover sport jacking points. ... Locate the jack under the recommended jacking point. Image details Width: 541px, Heigth: 328px, File size: 32732Byte, ...

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Oct 06, 2014 · L405 Range Rover Hi. I have question about jacking up the car using factory jack. The vehicle I have had deploy able side steps. Manual says side steps should be in stored position before jacking up at one point. Then at later point it says it should be i

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