Diskutil repair volume disk0s2

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Notice after a failed upgrade, I had to partition the drive to install a fresh OS (Macintosh HD2) to move on with my life, in hopes one day I can access my original volume.Now I'm trying to unlock the original Macintosh HD / disk1s1, but its crypto users disappeared (they were there before)! diskutil apfs listUsers disk1s1 No cryptographic users for disk1s1Nov 02, 2012 · Tech — Fusion Drive quick look: Our predictions confirmed! Core Storage-powered tiering technology gives you one disk to rule them all. Lee Hutchinson - Nov 2, 2012 6:03 pm UTC
However, if you have a volume that is failing to show up on the desktop, in the Finder, or in Disk Utility, you can try using Terminal’s diskutil mount command to make the volume appear. diskutil mount /dev/disk# Where disk# is the disk identifier of the volume you discovered using the diskutil list command.

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Dec 25, 2007 · se hai un solo disco nel sistema, apri un terminale e digita: sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 XXG. dove a XX devi sostituire la nuova dimensione in gigabyte del disco che ospita Mac OS X

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Diskutil repair volume disk0s2

c) Try Data Recovery when Disk Utility Fails to Repair a Partition. Why data recovery on APFS/HFS comes to the picture here? The answer is simple; if your Mac partition or volume is severely corrupt, then you will not be able to back up its data as you would typically do.

Currently if you create ZVOLs, the kernel/BSD/Unix side of things work great, but the Apple OS X sections does not recognise (or possible is not told about) the volume. # ./zpool.sh create -f BOOM ...
Mac OS X: diskutil -- Modify, verify and repair local disks. Mac OS にインストールされている、ディスクユーティリティコマンド。 ... # diskutil mergePartitions JHFS+ new disk0s2 disk0s3.

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In systems prior to OS X El Capitan, a permissions repair can be performed by selecting a startup volume and clicking the "Repair Disk Permissions" button in the "First Aid" section of Disk Utility. The operation can also be performed by using the diskutil command-line utility.

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