How is ashura celebrated

Ashura: Ashura is a religious festival of Islam, celebrated on the 10th day of the Muslim month of Muharram. The word ashura means simply tenth in Arabic language. For Shi Muslims, the Ashura is a day of great mourning, and strong emotions are expressed in the many rituals and activities connected to this day.

Shia Muslims Celebrate the Day of Ashura . Published September 20th, 2018 - 09:08 GMT. Iran - Shia Muslims slash and whip themselves to mourn the death of Prophet Muhammad's grandson.
Nov 21, 2012 · Afghan Shia Muslims flog themselves for Ashura festival – video Hundreds of Shia Muslims in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, flog themselves to mark the festival of Ashura on Wednesday. The ... Many Muslims also celebrate events in the Prophet Muhammad 's life. These celebrations are not strictly festivals but are marked in many Muslim communities. ... Ashura reminds Muslims of the day ...

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Shia imams strongly insist that the day of Ashura should not be celebrated as a day of joy and festivity. The day of Ashura, according to Eighth Shia Imam Ali al-Rida, must be observed as a day of rest, sorrow, and total disregard of worldly matters.

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How is ashura celebrated

Sep 09, 2019 · Ashura commemoration procession in Turkey (Picture: Huseyin Demirci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and on the ninth day begins Ashura.

Ashura Day: November 24. Ashura is a religious observance for Muslims all over the world. Ashura literally means tenth, and it is celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram, first month on the Islamic calendar. Ashura, also known as Yom Ashura, marks the tenth day of Muharram, which is the first month in the Islamic calendar. Ashura is a day of atonement and mourning for Muslims and marks the day that Moses and the Israelites were saved from Pharaoh by God creating a path in the seas.
Shias Celebrate Ashura and Muharram in Iran. Shia Muslims around the world consider Ashura as a sad Holy day as back in 680 Imam Hussein was killed in battle of Karbala. Many worshippers participate in flagellation when they use chains with blades called ‘zanjeer’ to wash away their sins.

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List of dates for other years. United Kingdom holidays 2020. United Kingdom holidays 2021. Muharram is the Islamic New Year. While the day itself is not celebrated as extensively as the Gregorian New Year, it marks the beginning of the holiest month of the year and a period of remembrance or mourning that culminates on Ashura nine days later.

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