How to block email text messages on samsung

Laura your answer was very clear on blocking spam, although, I don't have those features on my Samsung S4 or if I do, I can't seem to locate them. I have Verizon so I don't know if that makes a difference. ("To block text messages directly through your Samsung Galaxy device, you have two options.

Generally speaking, there are two cases of Samsung S9/S8/S7 messages sending failure- unable to send SMS to a specific contact or to any contact. In these two cases, the latter is more serious but the former is strange since you can send text messages to anyone except one. How to block and unblock via Call Log: Tap on Phone. Tap on the number that you want to block and tap on Details. Tap on Block number. Confirm you understand that you will no longer be receiving calls or text messages from this number by tapping on Block; You will no longer receive calls and text messages from this number.
Block unknown senders: blocks the reception of text messages from unsaved senders in your contacts All you have to do is choose from the three options offered by your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016). You will have the possibility to consult the text messages that have landed in the spam list to remove them if you wish.

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Otherwise, we will explain through this article how to block a phone number on Samsung Galaxy S4. First, we will explain how to block the phone number of one of your contacts or an unknown number. Secondly, we will explain how to block text messages from known and unknown senders.

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How to block email text messages on samsung

Jun 04, 2018 · How to Hide Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy. This wikiHow teaches you how to protect certain text messages with a passcode on a Samsung Galaxy. Since your Galaxy does not come with a built-in ″hide″ feature, you'll have to download a free a...

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if Tracfone would be able to block both incoming and outgoing text and email messages, if I ask? FYI, this is on a new LG420G, on pay as you go (no monthly plan).
Jan 23, 2015 · Click to expand... On the screen displaying the list of texts, press the three dot menu button on upper right of screen, tap select, then select the text message from the list and then tap the circle symbol in the upper right of the screen. When I select messages the only option I get is to delete. We are going to discovers a topic that is how can block or unblock MMS & SMS on Samsung Galaxy Note.Smartphone by selecting phone numbers or contacts on a block list of course you can done in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 it has that feature, And it is in-built features called as spam.

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To change the settings in your Android device, these are basic instructions to remove the shortcode block. Device instructions may vary. Press Menu from the home screen. Select Settings. Select More at the top right hand corner of your screen. Select Application Manager. Slide the screen to the All section.

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