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Makeblock is the ultimate robotics construction platform for makers and STEM learners to turn ideas into reality. Search Crunchbase. ... Lists Featuring This Company .

Makeblock is an open-source arduino robot building platform to turn ideas into success. No matter what your ideas are, Makeblock provides various mechanical parts, electronic modules and software to make them possible, such as beams, plates, connectors, motors, brackets, sensors, drivers and controllers, etc. Characterized by mDrawbot, mBot, mElephant 3D Printer, XY Plotter, Starter Robot Kit ...
Makeblock, Shenzhen, China. 37K likes. Makeblock is a leading brand of DIY robotics and education platforms for makers, STEM learners, and educators. Buy Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit, STEAM Education, Graphical Programming, Magnetic Pogo Pins for 6 Year & up Kids+ with 6 Basic Blocks, Over 10 Kinds of Funny Robots, Like Rabbit, Dashing Raptor: Science Kits & Toys - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Makeblock Europe B.V. is a full subsidiary of Makeblock Co. Ltd. The company is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This subsidiary is established in September 1st 2017, as one of the globalising strategies of Makeblock, in order to better understanding the market, providing professional supports, and develop STEAM education support materials.

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Makeblock company

It interacts with makeblock main control board and other Arduino based hardware, allowing users to easily create interactive intelligent applications. Text programming language learning You can view both the Arduino source changes in real-time and the graphical blocks corresponding to the C language code, so that you can process a smooth ...

Makeblock Co., Ltd is a robotics startup from Shenzhen established in 2013. Its main brand Makeblock, founded in 2011, is a leading DIY robotics construction and STEM education platform for makers ...
Makeblock Co., Ltd. from Mainland China, with products under the category of . Become A Reseller. Join our growing network of Stem Partners and get great opportunity to vent in the most growing industry of STEAM Education

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