Swiftui set scroll position

I have a 21 Collumn ListBox, in this scrollbar i have to scroll right to be able to see the other collumns. When i right click on the scrollbar i want to get the value of that specific column... In Excel VBA, how to get/set the horizontal scrolbar position.

SwiftUI’s ScrollView allows us to create scrolling containers of views relatively easily, because it automatically sizes itself to fit the content we place inside it and also automatically adds extra insets to avoid the safe area. For example, we could create a scroll list of ten text views like this:

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A tuple containing the relative offset for the upper (leftmost) and lower (rightmost) end of the scrollbar slider. Offset 0.0 means that the slider is in its topmost (or leftmost) position, and offset 1.0 means that it is in its bottommost (or rightmost) position. identify(x, y) Identifies the scrollbar element at the given location. x

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Swiftui set scroll position

How to stop your UISearchController bar hiding when you scroll ... of the user’s scroll position - then you need to set your navigation item ... SWIFTUI FOR FREE I ...

Jan 23, 2012 · While refactoring a WPF application, I've stumbled into a general problem in UI layout. WPF has an element called ScrollViewer, which is basically a panel that contains elements and shows scroll bars when the content inside is too big to fit in the size of the ScrollViewer's visible area.
Sep 17, 2019 · Alignment guides are a powerful, but usually underused layout tool. In many cases, they help us avoid more complex options, such as anchor preferences.As you can see in this example, changes to the alignment can be automatically (and easily) animated too.

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The a value gives the position of the left or top edge of the slider, for horizontal and vertical scrollbars respectively; the b value gives the position of the right or bottom edge. 2: set ( first, last ) To connect a scrollbar to another widget w, set w's xscrollcommand or yscrollcommand to the scrollbar's set() method.

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